Jennifer_War between_CoverA human war over dwindling resources has all but destroyed the world. In a country once known as South Africa, two cities struggle to survive. Toria is believed to contain the final generation of humans, while Jozenburg is inhabited by beings created and born in a laboratory, gifted with abilities both strange and terrifying. The two species have know peace for many years, but as their respective cities safeguard remaining resources, tensions are rising. In a desperate attempt to protect their kind, the two leaders of Jozenburg, twin siblings Syra and Draiken, conduct their first conversion of a human to a superhuman. Its success spurs Draiken to set in motion a plan that will bring his kind, and the humans, to the brink of war. Two arrivals in Jozenburg, a girl with unique and dangerous abilities, and a human commander claiming to have saved her life, force Syra to reconsider her views of not only herself, but of the beings she considered her enemies.


The War Between



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The War Between
The War Between

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